UI Design

Reimagining the visual experience for a sales intelligence platform

Dealintent collaborated with our team to reimagine their platform that combines AI-driven personality intelligence, integrated sales and personalized digital sales rooms — Making the sales lifecycle a breeze.

The product offers a comprehensive range of AI-driven personality checks, CRM integrations, and analytical tools — accompanied by a unique visual identity that forms the basis for its design in both light and dark modes.

  • UX/UI Design

  • Design System

  • Visual Identity

A refined buyer management experience

Our challenge was to present the platform’s intelligence in a clear, user-friendly manner, which we achieved through intuitive design, graceful navigations and effective data visualisation.

Expanding the Visual Design

First things first, we did a brand and UX audit. Based on our findings, we identified the key areas that needed expansion throughout the brand and product. Then, we developed a comprehensively advanced - Design system that ensures a consistent look and feel that aligns with the brand

Versatile Design System

Our comprehensive design system considered both light and dark modes. With clear guidelines for typography, color usage, and widgets, the system ensures a seamless design process and enables future product iterations.

Dark Mode: Enhancing Personalization

The dark theme enhances visibility in low-light environments while maintaining brand consistency throughout the product.

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