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We design and ship transformative digital experiences for the world's leading brands by blending UX-UI, Design, and Tech.

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Digital Products

From ideas to execution, we’ve got you covered with world-class digital products.


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Stunning digital identities to tell your brand story. From strategy to narratives.

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Dedicated to guiding, growing business and ambitious brands in Fintech, SaaS, Ed-tech, Health-tech, making complex tech simple.



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Great work comes from great people

99xStudio team discussing projects

At the core businesses are people after all.

This is why we put people first in our approach, and we understand that a well-designed product can have a significant impact on the lives of those who create it and use it.

By empowering users, we can solve unique problems, accelerate progress and unlock potential for our clients.

Our independent spirit drives our creative energy and approach to technology in innovative ways, equipping us 
to ensure quality and consistently deliver outstanding outcomes.

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What our clients say

"They had a great creative design team that created a compelling deliverable based on the vision we shared with them."

Vijay Ijju

General Partner, Falcon 5 Capital

"We were most impressed with their creativity in design and expertise in UI/UX."

Aditya Jain

CMO, Excitel Broadband

"Their ability to capture the essence of our brand and translate it into visually appealing designs was commendable."

Rohith Chevuru

Digital Marketing, Practo

"The team was very patient with our demands and made them happen."

Department VP

Inconn, Wynwy Technologies

"We were most impressed with their creativity in design and expertise in UI/UX."

Ayse Yazgan

Business Development Executive, Gaminar.net

"Their extreme focus on providing a high-quality product was impressive."

Jay Roy

Director, Skillbook Academy

"The design was fantastic with amazing aesthetics."

Anish Aryan Arora

Founder, LaFetch


How long do you take to deliver a project?

The project timeline fluctuates depending on the project scope, typically spanning 3-8 weeks on average. This duration allows for comprehensive research and iterative design processes, ensuring the final product aligns with end-user needs. While timelines may vary, our commitment remains steadfast: delivering a UI/UX design that fulfills business requirements. We maintain close collaboration with clients to guarantee satisfaction with the ultimate design.

What is your pricing structure for the services you offer?

Our pricing model is tailored to the complexity and scale of each project. Variables such as the number of deliverables, project complexity, and timeline intricacies play a significant role in determining costs.

The pricing range spans from $1k - $10k for simple projects, and $10k -$100K for complex projects, with more intricate projects, demanding extensive design from the ground up, generally incurring higher costs.

For UX/UI design projects, we offer various contract options - Retainer Engagements and Milestone-Driven One-Time Deliveries. Estimates are calculated based on the expertise needed for the task at hand.

How is 99xStudio different from other product design studios?

We deliver faster, better, innovative & user-centric solutions.Diverging from conventional UI/UX design agencies, we adopt a proactive and collaborative stance in our partnerships. Immerse ourselves in our partners' businesses and industries, we strive to gain profound insights into their needs and objectives. This immersive approach empowers our seasoned UI/UX designers and researchers to devise design solutions that genuinely contribute to our partners' business goals.

Within our UX design process, we place a significant emphasis on research, encompassing design testing, validation, and iterative refinement. This methodology allows us to develop digital products and user interfaces that not only showcase aesthetic appeal but are also intricately user-centric.

You will also have a dedicated project manager who’ll handle your projects from start to finish.

Do you work with startups or only with B2B/enterprise companies?

Yes, we work with startups & also with enterprise clients providing a range of services including website or app redesign, building a new application/website from the ground up, Branding & packagingIn conclusion, no matter the size of your company, we can help you with product design & development solutions.

How quickly can you start my project?

Our teams can get started quickly. We begin with aligning our teams, and setting up communication channels and meetings - typically taking about less than a week. Then, we'll move into the discovery and research phase, which helps us understand your users and their needs. After that, we can begin designing and developing the perfect solution for you.

Do you provide software and mobile app development services?

Certainly, we have dedicated teams specialising in both front-end and back-end development for websites and applications. As a design-first agency, our development teams undergo specialised training to meticulously attend to every design detail, no matter how small. This commitment ensures pixel-perfect designs as our development team collaborates closely with both the design team and clients throughout the process

How do you handle working in different time zones?

As a global product design agency, we partner up with businesses all around the world, and our team is experienced in working with clients in different time zones. To stay connected with our partners, we hold weekly meetings to discuss progress. In addition, we use a variety of collaboration tools, such as Slack, Asana, Notion, Jira to stay connected in between meetings. This allows us to maintain strong bonds with our partners and ensure that all projects are on track toward success.